Field Camps


WagonDoma ltd. is a leading company in the area of field camps turnkey construction projects for oil, gas and mining companies in Russia and CIS. We provide the full range of engineering and project management services including design, manufacturing, delivery, construction, equipment setup, warranty and service. We build the entire camp infrastructure and provide power generation facilities, water and wastewater treatment plants, communications equipment, and all other necessary systems and supplies for autonomous operation of a camp.

We have vast working experience in severe climate conditions and remote locations, and our field camps (shift camps, site camps) incorporate a variety of designs based on caravans, metal structures, or prefabricated buildings of different types. Our construction experience includes both small camps for 50 workers and large camps for accommodation of up to 3000 people.

Depending on customer requirements, WagonDoma ltd. can design and manufacture short-term operation field camps suitable for frequent relocation, medium-term operation camps with option to relocate after drilling or mining project completion, or long-term operation camps for continuous exploitation.



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