Mobile Buildings (Caravans)

WagonDoma ltd. is a top leader in manufacturing of mobile buildings (caravans) in Russia and CIS. Our branded product line, which was first introduced in 2001, became highly recognized and highly regarded on the market for its highest quality and supreme ergonomic design. Caravans were given various quality certificates and awards by Russian and international trade shows and exhibitions.

WagonDoma  is a versatile product line - it includes hundreds of preset caravan designs used as living quarters, office buildings, repair shops, laboratories, canteens, medical centers, and water treatment plants to name a few. WagonDoma mobile buildings (caravans) can be chassis-mounted, skid-mounted, or sled-mounted.

WagonDoma ltd. caravans are used for comfortable lodging in remote area field camps by drilling crews, or for treating patients in medical stations within the Federal Highway System, and in a variety of other industries and locations including Arctic, Siberia, and others.



              Mobile Medical Station              Mobile Building


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