Prefabricated Buildings


WagonDoma ltd. has built hundreds of prefabricated buildings. Our design, manufacturing and construction capabilities include prefabricated buildings of different types: modular, metal frame, and self-supported panels (SSP).

WagonDoma ltd. provides the full range of engineering and project management services including design, manufacturing, delivery, and construction of prefabricated buildings.

Our buildings designed for rapid construction, which is very important for our customers, since majority of WagonDoma ltd. projects are done in harsh climate conditions. Long-time continuous exploitation of WagonDoma ltd. prefabricated buildings in Arctic region demonstrated their high reliability and effective operation under severe ambient temperatures.



Prefabricated Building - Self Supported Panel (SSP) Type              Assembling of Prefabricated Self Supported Panel (SSP) Building              Modular Prefabricated Building


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