Field Camp on the base of ERMAK caravans

WagonDoma ltd. is a leading diversified manufacturing and engineering company specialized in construction and energy infrastructure development with focus on oil & gas and distributed power generation sectors in Russia and CIS. Since 2001, we have built our reputation for a world-class products and services, and have been highly regarded among our Customers.

With most of our projects done in harsh climate conditions and remote areas, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality in all our operations by implementing ISO 9001:2008 procedures and systems, which allows us to build strong partnerships with both foreign and domestic industry participants. Managed from Yekaterinburg headquarters, WagonDoma ltd. has its own manufacturing facility in the nearby town of Pervouralsk. 

WagonDoma ltd. products and services portfolio includes the following:

- Field camps turnkey construction projects for oil, gas and mining companies;

- Сaravans (mobile buildings) - see full information in Russian;

- Modular buildings - see full information in Russian;

- Metal-frame prefabricated buildings;

- Self-supporting panels (SSP) prefabricated buildings;


WagonDoma ltd. offers:

- Wide range of cutting edge construction and engineering technologies;

- Integrated approach to project management: design, manufacturing, delivery and installation, equipment setup, warranty and service;

- Environmentally friendly solutions;

- Short project lead times;

- Products designed for ease of shipping by truck, rail, air or water transport;

- Vast experience in working in severe climate conditions and remote locations.

We are conveniently located on the border between Europe and Asia in a large industrial region with well-developed infrastructure in close proximity to oil & gas regions of Volga-Ural, Siberia, Arctic and Kazakhstan.

WagonDoma products and services are widely used by the large Russian and foreign drilling and service companies in oil, gas and mineral mining industries. In addition to the above, our customers include EMERCOM of Russia, Russian Defense Ministry, ROSATOM, Russian Railways, Alrosa, Bashneft, Russneft, Gazpromneft, UGMK, Slavneft, Mospromstroy, Stroytransgas, Sibkomplektmontage, BK Eurasia, Integra, Shell, CNPC, MI Swaco and many other companies.